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TMTA State Conference

The state conference held every summer attracts teachers from all around Tennessee. The conferences offer clinics, workshops, and master classes to promote continuing education. Each conference also includes a concert by the conference artist. 

Upcoming Conference:

2024 - Nashville

2025 - Martin

2026 - Johnson City

To learn more, visit the TMTA website.

MTNA National Conference

Held each year in early spring in various sites around the country, the MTNA Conference brings together teachers, musicians, and pedagogues from all over the United States and Canada. Conferences include master classes, technology and informational sessions, pedagogy sessions, exhibit hall, evening concerts and much more. 

Upcoming Conference:
March 13–17, 2021- Atlanta, Georgia

March 26-30, 2022- Minneapolis, Minnesota

To learn more, visit the MTNA website.

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