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FallFest is an opportunity for area students to perform one or two memorized pieces in a non-competitive setting. Each student receives a certificate and a critique. Ratings are optional. FallFest is held annually. Funds from this event support quality programs and workshops for NAMTA. There are no repertoire requirements.

This year, all submissions will be submitted and adjudicated through an online platform.

Entry Deadline: OCT 29, 2022

NAMTA Performance Auditions

Held every March, NAMTA Performance Auditions give students the opportunity to perform for a judge. Students receive a certificate and critique. Those that earn a Superior Rating and pass the Theory Exam are eligible to attend the state auditions and compete in the Young Artist Achievement Awards. 

Entry Deadline: JAN 31, 2023

Young Artist Achievement Awards 


Established in 1986, YAAA supports high achieving music students in the Nashville area and gives them recognition. Students can use YAAA as a system for continuously measuring achievement in music study. It is also excellent preparation for the state competition. All students and teachers benefit from hearing the Winners’ Concert performers.

Click here to donate to the YAAA fund

Entry Deadline: APR 14, 2023


Pianorama is an incredible opportunity for area students to perform piano duets and duos as a group, with a conductor. Rehearsals for each group are scheduled on the Friday and Saturday prior to the Sunday performance. Pianorama is held every other year, in even years. Funds from this event support the YAAA.

Event: November 2023

Upcoming Events


  • JAN 31: NAMTA Performance Auditions Registration Deadline

  • FEB 11: Winter Workshop
    1pm, Steinway Gallery 


  • MAR 4: NAMTA Performance Auditions, Belmont University

  • APR 14: Teacher Enrichment Meeting
    Steinway Gallery, Nashville


  • APR 14: Young Artist Achievement Awards Registration Deadline 

  • MAY 13: Young Artist Achievement Awards, Vanderbilt University

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