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FallFest Registration fee per Solo Entry.

Please add to your cart one per student participant.

FallFest Registration Solo Entry

  • FallFest is an opportunity for area students perform of one or two memorized pieces in a non-competitive setting. Ratings are optional. FallFest is held annually for pianists and string players. Funds from this event support quality programs and workshops for NAMTA. There are no repertoire requirements.


    1. Students will perform one memorized solo or one duet (memory optional). One piece is preferred, but students may play two pieces if the total playing time is under the guideline of four or eight minutes. Students may enter both a solo and an ensemble.

    2. All students must have an ORIGINAL* copy of their music with the measures numbered.

    3. Fees are nonrefundable. The particiapting teacher is responsible to collect the fees from their students and pay in one transaction to NAMTA.

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