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Young Artist Achievement Awards Winners

The 2022 Young Artist Achievement Awards competition was held on 

Saturday, May 14, 2022, at Blair School of Music, Vanderbilt University


Judges were:




A Superior rating at the 2022 local Tennessee Teacher’s National Association audition and a passing grade on the Theory exam were the eligibility requirements for entrants.  

The following winners were chosen, each receiving a Category Winner plaque:

Piano, grades K-2:

Youyi Wang, student of Chi-Hee Hwang

Piano, grades 3-4:

Caleb Wang, student of Jerry Reed

(alternate: Tyler Schwartz, student of Heather Conner)

Piano, grades 5-6:

Suzie Zhao, student of Amy Dorfman

(alternate: Katie Shah, student of Susan Yang)

Piano, grades 7-8:

Sophie Tan, student of Jerry Reed

(alternate: Justin Guo, student of Jama Reagan)

Piano, grades 9-10:

Kalea Villas, student of Heather Conner

Piano, grades 11-12:

Austin Pitcher, student of Susan Yang

(alternate: Sophie Li, student of Heather Conner)


Strings, grades K-2:

Kerina Li, student of Christina McGann

Strings, grades 3-4:

Alexa Huang, student of Shuzheng Yang

Strings, grades 5-6:

Amanda Grace Murias, student of Annie Dupre

Strings, grades 9-10:

Brian Xu, student of Cornelia Heard

(alternate: Anne-Marie Nguyen, student of Christina McGann)

Strings, grades 11-12:

Amy Xu, student of Cornelia Heard



Amanda Grace Murias (violin), student of Annie Dupre


Austin Pitcher (piano), student of Susan Yang

Those who made this event possible:

Kristian Klefstad - chairman

Coordinators of the Performance Auditions, Dana Meyer, Sarah Barham, and Daniel Landes.

The NAMTA Board for supporting this event, all the participating teachers.

Playing Piano
Violin over Sheet Music
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