Please note Pianorama has been moved to November 2021

Pianorama is an opportunity for area students to perform piano duets and duos as a group, with a conductor. Rehearsals for each group are scheduled on the Friday and Saturday prior to the Sunday performance. Pianorama is held every other year, in ODD years. Funds from this event support the Young Artist Achievement Awards.

Event Details

Theme: Christmastime is Here!

Rehearsals: Friday, November 19 and Saturday, November 20, 2021, Lipscomb University, Nashville

Concert: Sunday, November 21, 2021, Lipscomb University, Nashville

This is a ticketed event and all proceeds from this event support the Young Artist Achievement Awards. Tickets are purchased during the rehearsals on Friday and Saturday for $5 per person (no charge for preschool students).

Entry Deadline: TBA

Participating teachers are expected to assist during rehearsals as needed.

Fee: $25 per participant and non-NAMTA teacher. There is no fee for NAMTA teachers.

Teachers can pay online by visiting Google Pay and entering the user name treasurer.namta@gmail.com. Please include your name and event in the memo area.


Send ONE check made payable to NAMTA to the address at the top of the Pianorama registration form. 

Guidelines and General Information

We recommend that students have completed one (1) year of piano study. Place students in one level lower than their current playing ability. Match duet partners if possible from your studio. If you are playing with a student, include your name as the partner on the Master List.

All partners must use original copies of the repertoire and have the following musical elements prepared prior to the rehearsals: key signatures, metronome markings indicated on the Repertoire List, notes, accidentals, rhythm, style, dynamics, slurs, staccatos, accents, pedal, and page turns.

Teachers should schedule a performance opportunity for their students prior to the rehearsals. Partners must be able to read their music, play together, watch and follow the conductor, and strive for a polished performance. Teachers should use conducting skills during studio rehearsals. Direct one full preparatory measure prior to playing. Stage entries, bowing, and exits will be rehearsed for each color group in the auditorium.

Teacher Guidelines

1. Encourage your students and their parents to assist you in the preparation and participation process. Distribute the Parent-Student Letter. It is your responsibility to notify your students and their parents of the rehearsal schedules. Students & Parents should allow for approximately one hour on campus per day, and plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to their assigned rehearsal time. Attendance is required at both Friday and Saturday rehearsals to perform Sunday.

2. Complete one Registration Form for each duet pair. If space is available, a request to play in a second color group can be submitted on a second registration form. Indicate on each form the first and second preference. Confirmation of the second color request will be made by September 30.

3. Send one Master List of all participants, organized by color groups with your registration forms. Please ensure names are recorded accurately to be used in the program. If you are playing with a student, include your name as the partner on the Master List.

4. Collect the fees within your studio: NAMTA members have no teacher participation fee. Non-NAMTA members must submit a teacher participation fee of $25.00. All NAMTA and non-NAMTA teachers need to collect $25.00 per participant for the weekend event. Proceeds benefit the Young Artist Achievement Awards, and are non-refundable.

5. Submit the Registration Forms, the Master List, and payment to NAMTA to complete your registration process.

Registration questions should be emailed to Anna Lynn Vaughan at annalynnvaughan@gmail.com

Click to download all forms in our Member Resources Page

Contact president.namta@gmail.com for any questions or visit our Leadership Directory.

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