Young Artist Achievement Awards

Audition Details

More details will be released in Spring 2022


Entry Deadline: 

Application & Payment: 

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Teachers should email their unlisted YouTube video links and score PDFs to: 
(Both scores must be merged into one PDF)

Teachers are responsible for notifying their students and accompanists (if applicable) of the audition schedule.

Fee: $20 for all entries. Teachers can pay online by visiting Google Pay and entering the user name Please include your name and event in the memo area.


Or, teachers can write one check made payable to “NAMTA” with the memo "YAAA".  Send the check to NAMTA Treasurer:

Simone Parker

442 Bluff Dr.

Clarksville,TN 37043

Guidelines and General Information

The Nashville Area Music Teachers Association established the Young Artist Achievement Awards in 1986 for the purpose of inspiring high achieving music students in the Nashville area and to give them recognition. Students can use YAAA as a system for continuously measuring achievement in music study. The awards offer opportunities for establishing the best possible standards in the art of teaching and performing. It is also excellent preparation for the state competition. All students and teachers benefit from hearing the Winners’ Concert performers!


Winners of the previous YAAA competition are not allowed to enter in the following year. See the list of the 2019 winners.

  1. All participants must have studied with their teacher/co-teachers for a minimum of six months prior to the NAMTA auditions, and must still be with the same teacher/co-teachers at the time of YAAA

  2. Repertoire will include two pieces from DIFFERENT periods. One of the pieces must be selected repertoire performed at the most recent NAMTA audition. The second piece may be a new piece OR may be an old piece – that choice is at the discretion of the teacher. No changes will be made after the registration deadline.

  3. Time of performance allowed reflects the TMTA requirements and will depend on entry level and scheduling. However, time is not the essence of the quality of the student’s performance. 

  4. Maximum Performance Times: Grades K-5: 10 minutes Grades 6-8: 15 minutes Grades 9-12: 20 minutes. The judges may choose to start and stop any piece.

  5. EACH RECORDED SUBMISSION SHOULD CONSIST OF A SINGLE UNEDITED TAKE. Separate recordings may be submitted for each selection. 

  6. Each contestant should submit a PDF of scores along with links to videos for both selections to the YAAA coordinator (

Rules for Competition

Please refer to the section in the TMTA/MTNA Guidelines and Applications booklet “Rules Applicable to All Auditions.”


Students qualify by receiving a superior rating in performance of standard category, and passing the NAMTA theory tests (grades 3-12) during the calendar year in which the superior is awarded.


Piano and Strings Solo: There are six entry levels, determined by age and grade, beginning with Kindergarten and ending with Grade 12: K – 2, 3 – 4, 5 – 6, 7 – 8, 9 -10, 11-12. There is a string division and a piano division for each age level.


In addition to an opportunity for performance, each participant receives a critique from the judge(s). The winner(s) in each level will receive a Category Winner Certificate. Students compete only with other students within their grade division during auditions. Judges have the right to declare “no winner” in any category. The judge’s decision is final

Adjudication Results

All entries will be adjudicated and entrants notified of the results in each category by Saturday, May 7, 2021.

Application and Late Registration Fees

Any forms turned in after the deadline will incur a $5 late fee, to be paid by the teacher.

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